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DayZ server Lag
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After recently installing the 0.54 update when I join any server I (within five minutes of gameplay) begin to lose control of my character, it begins with losing control of the camera and then movement. The avatar just moves around in circles and straight lines without me even controlling it. It will calm down but the second I move again it begins.
My ping is skyrocketing when it is usually around 100 ms.
This has never happened before this update.
P.s. I have restarted my router, joined experimental, private shards and public hives and even non battleye servers but to no avail.
I hope you guys can help me with this problem, cheers in advance.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start up dayz.
Join a server of any description.
Play until problem sets in.

Additional Information

I haven't been playing daysz for a.month, I downloaded the new 0'54 update two days ago and the problem has persisted.

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Geez added a comment.Mar 30 2015, 5:12 PM

Hello felixwilliams18.
Does this issue still persist?

Well it's definitely worse with me now, but when I join servers. After five minutes in a server, it's stabilised.

I zap and float and teleport around, and my direct is all broken up.

Don't know if it's my internet, but it started same time as this update.