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Remove screen blur when injured
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Hi, I noticed a glitch yesterday which while very handy at the time i think it should be looked at. I had been shot and had a very blurry screen. I pressed escape (So the menu came up) pressed configure, then pressed video.....and hey presto, the screen was fixed. It didnt have the same colour but the image was clear again and it allowed me to continue un hindered, even though i was badly injured. I did this a few times and it works 100% of the time.

If injured, go to menu, config, click to go into video settings and the screen is fixed/ When you go back into game it stays fixed




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Steps To Reproduce

Be Injured with blurry screen
Press escape to go to menu
Press on configure option
Press to go into Video settings

Screen fixed

Go back into game and its all clear again

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Or turn of Post Processing effects and you're good too! :)

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I actually kinda like the fact you have to press escape and go to video etc to get your vision back. In a firefight, it means that if you take a shot, you have to get to cover to be able to do that manipulation and then be able to fight again, suddenly, you just took a bullet, and you need to retreat to be able to "get your head together"

Add an actual mechanic a player has to solve to remove the blur until his next injury, like a popup screen with a little puzzle, solve the puzzle and you can see again. Until your next injury, puzzle difficulty is dependant on your level of injury. Like hacking computers in some games.

Geez added a comment.Mar 16 2015, 11:44 AM

Hello tmayne77 and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue and it has been scheduled for a fix (#0018880).