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[Suggestion] Block users who dies too often in too short time
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My suggestion deeals with a typical DayZ-Problem.

We say I died in a fight. My friends are in Elektro.
I click "Respawn". I respawn in Solnychny.
I click "Respawn". I respawn in Chernogosrk.
( . . . )
I click "Respawn". I respawn in Elektro.

So, I killed myself X-times to get respawned near my friends.
This needs to be punished with a respawn-block!

Like this I can choose myself where I want to respawn. This is cheating and stupid.

Please implement something to block users X minutes who got killed by something but not by zombies or other players.


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Agree, there are many ways to properly fight this. My current favorite being incremental timeouts when players die too quick.

If you die within X minutes of being born, you will get a X minute timeout before spawning again. Do it again, you will get a X minute timeout times 2 before spawning again, do it again you will get a X minute timeout times 4 before spawning again. Etc.

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Wow thank you for your support!

After posting my suggestion I was afraid of what I'm going to read for comments later :D

f3cuk added a comment.Mar 12 2015, 8:43 PM

I really think it is a huge problem. It seems however that nowadays people have gotten used to and are okay with just killing themselves in order to get a 'better' spawn. I'm happy to learn not everybody thinks that way. In a game that is supposed to be about survival, killing yourself should never be a viable option and they should work harder on preventing players from doing so.

I personally don't see this as a problem, Someone committing suicide to gain a better spawn point (For them) does not "disadvantage" other players in any way, It is just a personal game choice. If you don't personally like it then don't do it, That is your choice.

Also I think it would be impossible to prevent without punishing unlucky players that spawn in and immediately get attacked by several zombies before they even get a chance to get a weapon to adequately defend themselves.

And just for reference I have only ever killed myself once in over 600hrs game time.

Also why put a suicide option in the game and then try to prevent people from using it, It doesn't make sense.

Isn't there already a 5 minute timer?

I believe they've already confirmed that server admins (maybe private shards only?) will be able to implement a cool-down timer in the future.

f3cuk added a comment.Mar 13 2015, 9:42 AM

@-1PARA-Gramps: Disagree, also if you would have actually read the comments, you'd know one will only get punished if it is not the first time you commit suicide AND you commit suicide within X minutes of being born.

Right now suicide is heavily abused to get a 'better' spawn. Players will keep suiciding untill they get a spawn that better suits their needs, often consisting of being able to quickly get back to the action or the place of death when still geared.

I do not agree that it never is a disadvantage to other players, a lot of times a player is trying to get back to the area he/she was previously killed in. Having been in that area before means he has intel on that area and he can and will use that to his/her advantage. (e.g. knowing where bodies are / loot are / guns are), this to me is a clear disadvantage to other players in that area that might not have that intel or too little time to act upon it.

But all of that doesnt really matter, what matters is that a player can have a clear advantage by killing themselves over and over again untill they are (close to) where they want to be. A big timeout would not only help make people second guess their decision about suicide, but also makes sure other players are better protected against these suiciders.


@Sanguine: Did not know that, if true then awesome!

Everyone who's not agree with this suggestion is using this respawn-method to "cheat" the spawn point


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Not voting yet on this, because I feel it's an incomplete suggestion:

  • First of all, the "respawn block" needs to be able to filter between players that suicide themselves and players that are killed by actual zombies or hazards. I've been killed as a freshspawn almost immediately after spawning by either zombies or other players. Especially when I was a noob. Imagine a new player dying three times and then seeing he can't play for 20 minutes or so, there's a chance the player would be frustrated and stop playing.
  • The idea isn't bad, but I kind of agree with GRAMPS, it doesn't produce a significantly game-changing advantage. Fact is, going up and down the coast as a freshspawn is part of the game if you want to know your map, and most people do it at the beginning of their dayz gametime, they learn how the coast works, and then use the respawn "trick" to get to where they want to start out. As long as they learn the coast, i'm fine with it.