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Ticket: Killed by a Hacker
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Hello DayZ team. I have completely fallen in love with your game.
Me and my friend was playing last night. We were looking for tents in Dubky. We were inside one of the big tenement buildings, and me had complete cover. There was no way of being killed, doors were closed and everything. And we heard ONE shot(think it was an SKS) that killed us both. We belive this was a hacker that killed us.

My friend told me you guys could give characters back if they were killed by a hacker. Im sorry if this is not how you send in tickets.


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I dont know. Im sorry. Hackers are random.

Additional Information

Server: Wobo Community Server
Dont know the the name of the hacker, because you cant see who killed you( I belive this is a good thing in the game).

Steam: perskster
Name in game: Per Henrik

Some stuff I remember from my inventory:
SKS Rifle, I had around 43 bullets for that gun.
Magnum, I think it was around 60 bullets for that gun.
Hunter Backpack.
Summer hunter pants I think.

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The name of the hacker is required otherwise it is hard to help you.

Devs restore hacker type deaths? LMAO!

I would be amazed if you had any lucky with that one. Best to provide as much information as you can. You may put in a ticket to wobo server admins and have your deaths checked into. Then submit the guid, and name of the player.

There is not much you can do behind a polygon building that a hacker can see through. Its there we all have to deal with the BS

Geez added a comment.Mar 12 2015, 10:51 AM

Hello perkster and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we cannot do anything about the hacker without having any solid evidence. As for your gear, we are sorry but we do not restore lost gear to the players.