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Game causing full PC crash.
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After a random set of time, from anywhere between 1 minute and 1 hour. My monitor turns black, I can hear basic background noise (birds etc.) then I have to force a restart. I originally had this issue a long time ago, the fix was to disabled steam overlay. This issue has been happening within the last week. This is the only game that this occurs

My CPU/RAM goes no higher or lower during the crash, I have tested my RAM and there is no issue. When I look in the event log. It says The computer has not been shut off properly due to a loss of power. (I have a 750W PSU) the PSU is not an issue as it runs much higher specced games with no issues. {F31257} {F31258}


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Game Crash
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No steps to reproduce. Just happens randomly and unexpectedly

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any startup-options you use?

Geez added a comment.Mar 11 2015, 11:16 AM

Hello Buckurk.
Could you please run dxdiag.exe, save all information and then attach the dxdiag file to this ticket?

Sounds like GFX driver issues. Have you got an overclock on GFX?

Buckurk added a subscriber: Buckurk.May 8 2016, 9:51 PM

I blanked the launch parameters after issues with textures, but the crashing happened 3/4 days after I did this.

DXDiag attached.

No overclock.

Geez added a comment.Mar 16 2015, 4:25 PM

Hello Buckurk.
Does the issue still persist?