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Battleeye Stuck in Update Loop
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Battleeye is stuck in an update loop. Every time I attempt to log onto a server, Battleeye updates itself and then reboots DayZ.

I reported this problem on ticket #0022389. After updating several times, I renamed one of the Battleeye folders, it updated one more time and then everything has worked for the past several days. Today, I am stuck in this update loop, again and it shows no sign of cooperating. {F31253}


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Attempt to connect to a server.

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I am also having problems with a second PC. I documented this on ticket #0022537. This PC was working as recently as the day before yesterday and it is now also stuck in this same update loop.

I followed the FAQ on Battleeye's website, but I got no relief. I have sent them an e-mail with the details (I also pasted this e-mail to ticket #0022537) and I am awaiting their reply.

LS/DR: I have two PCs and I can't run DayZ on either one of them! I understand that shit happens, but this is not amusing!!!

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OK, so I boarded up my broken window and I collected my monitor off of the lawn. I had a chance to tinker with the Phenom II machine for a few minutes. It doesn't look like I mentioned that I validated my local game files and that checked out OK.

I then opted out of experimental and I let the game update to stable. I validated the local files again and everything checked out. I tried to log onto a stable server and I had a CTD with the following Windows error message:

"Cannot Open File"

The reason it can not open that file, is because I do not have a \tmp directory in that location.

OK, so frustrated once again, I opted back into experimental, I allowed the game to update and I validated my local files. Everything is happy. I tried to log onto an experimental server and this time I have no CTD, but I'm back in the Battleeye update loop. For some reason, it lingered briefly and I could read the Battleeye message this time. The gist of it was that my Battleeye version is incorrect, so it is closing the game to update. I tried to log onto another experimental server and I am back in the infinite update loop.

I usually play on US Central and US Southcentral experimental servers, since these have the best pings for me. I prefer 1st person. In the couple of minutes since I added that last note, the US Southcentral servers have disappeared from the menu. For grins, I tried to connect to a US Northeast server and I got right in, with no Battleeye update.

So I have two concerns:
a) It would seem that the root cause of the Battleeye update dilemma may be on the server side, rather than the client side and,
b) Can you make any sense of the CTD that I had when I switched to stable?

While you are pondering that, I will check to see if I can get the Intel machine logged into one of the US Northeast servers.

All the best,

OK, I fired up the Intel machine, from ticket #0022537 and I discovered the following:

I primarily use one of the US Southcentral 1st person servers, but all of US Southcentral currently seems to be off line.

My next goto are the US Central servers. I was using US 0-2 and it had me stuck in a Battleeye update loop.

The next few have unsatisfactory pings, but I tried them to see if we could learn anything.

I tried US Southwest 0-1 and it let me in without a Battleeye update.

I then tried US East 0-2 and it also let me in without a Battleeye update.

I then tried US Northeast 0-6 and I had no trouble getting onto that server, either.

It would appear that specific server configs are causing the Battleeye update loop. I will update ticket #0022537 with this information.

Thanks again!

Hello again BleedoutBill,

As with your other ticket, the BattlEye team will be adressing the issue regarding the "update loop". The server info that you have in mind would best be directed towards BE for now.

For the ctd issue you're experiencing; do you by any chance have the "-dologs" launch parameter active in Steam?


Also, please try and see if upgrading to Experimental branch and subsequently reverting to Stable branch solves the update loop.

OK, as soon as BE responds to my e-mail, I will update them on my experience with the other servers.

Yes, as per Eugen I am running -dologs.

I have attached/uploaded the crash report and crash dump files.

I'll see if I can get onto a stable server tonight and then head back to experimental. I'll let you know how that goes.

Thanks, I really appreciate your help!


There's an open bug where the -dologs launch parameter creates those crash issues for some players. Try to remove it in order to see if it "solves" your crashing (the team is aware of that bug).

It doesn't sound like any of the launch parameters are safe any more. The only other one I am running is -oldmenu, because I couldn't connect to any servers when 0.54 first came out. Is it safe to keep running this, or should I get rid of it, too?

Try to remove that launch parameter too. So far I'm connecting just fine without having any active at the moment.

Did the update to Experimental and reverting to Stable help with the BE update loop?

unfortunately you have closed my report on this very issue #22505

a combination of Switching back and forth between experimental and stable, deleting all contents from the DayZ folder in appdata and verifying game integrity did the trick for me to at least be able to access SOME servers. however if i try to connect a "WRONG" server i still get the same issue. it's, atm, half broken for me but works on vertain servers.

also when i do all these steps from above this issue goes hand in hand with issue #18656 and they alternate with each other arbitrarily, at least on my end.

i have no idea why it worked this time around, but it did (at least for one particular server where i had this issue)!

  • delete all contents from /appdata/local/dayz/
  • get rid of all startup-cmds
  • start DayZ
  • connect to server
  • let the BE cmd-window pop up, game restarts
  • connect to server
    • it works!


I wanted to report back and let you know that I am in good shape now. Removing all launch parameters solved the CTD.

I am able to go back and forth between experimental and stable now, without any crashes. When I do this, BE updates once, as expected, and I am good to go.

In the event that I get stuck in an update loop, this would seem to be server specific. I pick another server and that seems to solve the problem, although two of my favorite servers seem to be affected. I suppose I'll just play stable for a while, until BE gets to the bottom of it.

As promised, I will update BE with my findings.

That's good to hear :) In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to submit a new ticket.