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Some notes on glitchy items (can not be picked up)
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I noticed there is a solution to some of the items that can't be picked up. I'm reporting it in the hopes it gives some indication as to what is wrong with them.

Ammo - if loose (unboxed) ammo can't be picked up, it can usually be "split" which causes half the ammo to end up in your inventory (provided there is space)

Weapon - if space is available on back, you can spraypaint the item (provided this is possible) and that will cause the item to move to your inventory.

Food - canned food can be opened and the open can will end up in your inventory

So the item itself is fine, it just won't be picked up or taken in your hands in its current state.


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see above

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I used similar tricks on items from corpses

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I can add that sometimes if you can't pickup an item (usually inside of buildings) you should get out, run for about ~10 meters on open space, and then return back into the building to the item. It's like there is a desync, so YOU can see that you are near the item, but THE SERVER still thinks that you are standing far away from it.

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It normally works for me, if you just drag the item 1 or 2 times in the vicinity-area of the loot-window, so it is moved to another place.