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Problems with Mosin and Bipod
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Hello dear creators of Game DayZ SA.
I have a question for you. At the beginning of the game ATLAS Bi POD was connected with MOSIN Rifle. But now patch 0.54 do not connecting with MOSIN and working with M4A1. Can I expect you'll create any of next patch wich will connect ATLAS Bi POD and sniper MOSIN Rifle. Becase I really appreciate this function.
Or may be I can expect diffrent kind of Bi POD for MOSIN Rifle.
Sorry for my bad English. I'm not of my best with languages.


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the atlas bipod is designd to be working with rail systems (you need a rail handguard to use it with assault rifles) and since the mosin does not have one it's not working
the decision, to disallow the atlas bipod to be attached to the mosin, has been made some time ago (before the bipod itself disappeard from the loot spanws (pre. 0.48 afair)) for design reasons, and will propably won't be changed anymore
since the mosin is not an actual sniper rifle, it might loose the long range scope as well (original red army mosin "sniper" rifles only had an pu scope afaik)

LRS does not a 'sniper' rifle make. If a Mosin with iron sights only is good enough for Simo Hayha, it's good enough for the rest of us.

But as you say, the Atlas Bipod has nowhere to attach on the Mosin. Picatinny rails only.

Hello Budenyj,

The designers removed that functionality a while ago and it will not be returning I'm afraid: #11823