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Having difficulty eating, if item is not first picked up.
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If I come across an orange, for instance, which is not in my inventory, I right click on it and select "eat." My character shoulders the long arm, oe melee weapon, but fails to pick up the orange. I have to right click on the orange a second time, select "cancel current action" and then select "eat" again.

I had this issue prior to 0.54, if I would quickly turn away from an item, after clicking "eat." With 0.54, however, I have this problem, even if I am careful not to move, after selecting "eat."

I experience this problem with fruit and vegetables approximately 70% of the time. With canned goods, I don't seem to have any problems with picking up the items.


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Can confirm, had the same problem (Random)

I have exactly the same problem, select eat all, takes into hands but does not eat. press cancel the select eat all again and it usually works. This happens about the same frequency as the reporter (70%)

agree. Same exact problem. not usually a huge issue but more of an annoyance for me

You can also manually pick up the food item (take XY into hands) in which case your character should start eating immediately.

The issue is probably related to inventory interaction being mandatory for most actions.

I also have this problem every time I try to eat something not in my inventory. If I press tab and there is food in the vicinity, if I select 'eat' my character will shoulder his weapon but will not pick up and eat the food. I have to right click again and select 'take into hands'. Once in the hands he will eat it. If it is canned food I drag my knife over the can and select 'open the can' the can is opened ok and stays 'in the vicinity. If I then right click the can and select 'eat all' the weapon is shouldered but the can is not taken into the hands. Again I have to right click the can and select 'take into hands' before the food is eaten.

Each time I have to right click the food item a second time to select 'take into hands' the other option available is 'cancel current action'