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Items gone from my inventory
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I have taken my stuff to don't lose it when maintenance comes and now after updete when i connected all of weapon attachments gone.
I had 7 lr scopes, some pu scopes and 2 fully attached m4s and now i my backpack is empty, only mags stays on guns.
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Very stupid bug. Same over here.
I heard that all attachements come back in 0.56. This is stupid.

WipeZ happenZ.
"Don't get attached to your gear" they say... xD

same issue here with missing attachments both on weapon and in inventory. I heard the items may be there just the texture not rendering because of item id changes.

they are looking into this

but i just wonder how this could happen in the first place, as this was reported in some way

Same issue. I am sure it a but related to the item degradation / time to live mechanic added. The attachments are showing is decayed and removed. Just a guess. I lost all attachments for an M4 including a spare ACOG, and all attachments for an AKM.

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Was reading that it might have something to with file names, looks like file names were changed but no in coding?

i lost alll my atachments for my akm too. But my friend kep all of his attaachments on his hoping that this is just a glitch and that it will be fixed soon

Same here, all the stuff for the m4, except for the bare m4 haha

The same thing happened here, faded camouflage of AK and its Handguard + ButStock.

And my scope Long Ranger, which use the Mosin and as binoculars.

I have yesterday's screenshot with my competo items and today with the items missing.

Everyone had this happen.

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Hello leondas and thank you for the report.
We are aware of this issue (#0021685) and it has been scheduled for a fix.

10 minutes after logging in I tried picking up a can of bacon, and then a 30rnd AK mag, but neither went into my inventory. I logged. Waited 3 minutes and reentered the same server. The next thing I did was swap my ruined cuu jacket for a pristine bdu jacket. I lost my KA-74 with a suppressor, PSO1 scope, and 75 round drum, AND! A SVD also with a PSO1 scope that I had just gotten at a helicopter crash site. It was the first SVD I've ever found and I had I a total of 45 minutes. That blows! Now I cant pvp at NEAF. I look geared as **** but am left with a splitting axe!