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Massive FPS drop after a short while in the game (experimental 0.54)
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I have a Quad Core i5 and a Geforce 670. I may not have a creme de la creme computer but I never had issues with any previous Day-Z version. I always used to have 25-85 FPS (depending on graphic details, cities etc.) Once trying out the experimental the frames drop and polygons get reduced. Almost like the game is trying to render the whole world (or as if my computer turned in to a peasant console).

I uploaded a video on youtube where you can see the symptoms.


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Start playing the game, within minutes the frames and polygons drop.

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Confirmed! I have the exact same problem since EXP 0.54 02/18. Stable 0.53 works fine. I use a FX-6300, R9 270, 8GB Ram, Win7-64bit

Edit: delete the launch options. Worked for me

Same here. Huge FPS drop (from 50 to 7 FPS) and buildings stops rendering. Cache verifying doesn't help (all files validated successfully). 0.53 pdate works fine. I am using AMD R9 280 3GB graphics card, I5 2500k CPU, 8GB RAM, WIN 7 64-bit. All drivers are up to date.

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Try removing your launch options. It worked for me.

I will try removing launch options after work. If I have time I may try removing one launch-option setting at the time and see witch one is faulty.

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Thank you for the report dannodon.
We are aware of this issue #0017013 and it has been scheduled for a fix.