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User Interface & Character Preview Missing
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Using the -skipintro launch parameter caused the new UI not to load. I got a blue pulsing screen and ambient noises, but with no menu, whatsoever. The following link shows screenshots of the issue:;t%20%20set%20%20default%20%20character

I added the -oldui switch and was able to launch with the old UI, however I had no character preview on the front page of the menu, nor was I able to create a default character. When I joined a server, my character had been deleted and I was a fresh spawn.

I verified the local content, deleted the local config files (allowing new default files to be created), Switched to 0.53 Stable and then finally deleted the local config files and the local content. I then reinstalled 0.54 Experimental and the problem persisted throughout.


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Launch the game with the -skipintro switch and the problem is chronic.

Additional Information

I have already managed to determine the root cause, so this is more of an FYI for your benefit.

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Hello BleedoutBill and thank you for the report.
-Skipintro is an outdated launch parameter which is not compatible with the new UI. Please run the game without -skipintro to avoid issues.