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Unable to pack down military tent, because Ghillie suit is in the slots that cannot be viewed because tent scroll not working
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I crafted a ghillie suit and wanted to paint it green while i was inside my military tent. I tried to use a 60% spray can that was inside the tent, when i did it swapped space with my Ghillie suit and since there was no visable room in the tent, the suit ended up down in the slots/rows that cannot be view because the tent scroll down does not work. So im gonna loose my tent and ghillie suit because i cant pack down the tent with the ghillie suit inside and i cant pick up the suit either.. Plz help? is there any way to fix this?


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Fill up the tent, drop a big item in the tents inventory and bam!!! you´re gonna loose both tent and the item.

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I even emptied all items out of the tent and when there was no more visable items, it still said 18/254 up in the top, because my ghillie is in there..

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take some items out and wait for the server restart. this should cause items to rearrange and you should be able to access them again.
havn't tried that myself, but read it should work

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Thanks a lot HaseDes.. When i logged on today for some wierd reason all the m4 and mosin + food and other stuff was gone, and the suit was now in the buttom of the rows..1 bug fixed another bug :P

who know if it was a bug... could as well been a player taking your guns

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Yes it happens when you take the loot, and your friend still sees him on the ground and raises, so it disappears from you and receive your friend

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Thank you for the report equeone.
We are aware of this issue #0019433 and it has been scheduled for a fix.