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Game still crashing Need 0019057 reopened.
Need More Info, WishlistPublic


0019057 Has a detailed account of the steps I have completed to try and fix the crashing issue. My last post was infact premature. You did not give me a chance to test last change (adding SSD drive). This has been going on far too long without much if any feedback from Admins.


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This is the error post that shows and is listed in original post
Dayz: Dayz.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xc000005)occurred in
the application at location 0x00e35f27.

same problem

issue 0021631

Today I installed a different Video card.
From a Geforce GTX 295 now I am running a Geforce GTX 285.
I played for a good while thinking it may have been the card all along.
After logging out for the second time in the ownership of this game, I was plagued with the same Crashing as before.
I shut down system for about 30 min. Logged in for not even 5 min and Crash. Above error message shown.
Then relog, UI starts to load and crash
Relog, UI load and crash again.

Andy and JSteward,
This has been 3 months that I have been trying to get some help from you guys. Before that I gave up on the game only to come back, ask for help and waste money replacing hardware and software. No you didn't ask me to do that. Thats on me.
But you do owe me some kind of explanation.

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we are looking into this and we do appreciate your cooperation immensely.
However, you need to understand that this issue is quite peculiar and we have not encountered it with anyone else - and it is fairly hard for us to figure out what exactly the cause is.
I'd like to ask you to upload your AppData one last time. Please make sure these are recent by deleting the contents of the folder, reproducing the crash and adding it to the ticket in a .rar. Also, please attach your current DxDiag log. Hopefully the programmers will be able to see something in the files this time.
Thank you and sorry again!

I have uploaded files asked for. Tell me what other steps you need me to take and I will do them. I have invested too much time and money to give up on finding a fix. I would talk with someone over the phone and troubleshoot also.
Crashes are still happening during random actions, But there has been a trend of crashes right at 1st shot or attack on a zombie. I dont want to mislead. It still will crash simply moving or not moving at all.

Do you all know what that error message above means?
There is many posts online about this very thing. Im not alone.

Anyhow, Give me a server you want me to run on, if you want me to opt in to experimental. What ever you think we need to do.

I have now tried playing after disabling the audio card. Ive been told that some people have had issues with other games crashing and the Audio was the problem.
Unfortunately, Still crashing.

Geez added a comment.Feb 24 2015, 10:51 AM

Several users have reported that deleting contents of C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye has fixed the issue. Please try to do so and report back whether that helped or not.

Deleted contents of C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye as recommended.
Crash after approx 10 min just walking around.
I did try experimental server.
Similar Error to previous
Location number is different.
Dayz: Dayz.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xc000005)occurred in
the application at location 0x00e47c67

Geez added a comment.Feb 25 2015, 11:08 AM

Currently we are analyzing crash dumps from several users reporting the same issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Dayz: Dayz.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xc000005)occurred in
the application 0x00e48197

My last 2 crashes did happen during an attack on a zombie.
Used Ice axe last time and time before was fire axe.
Crash just moving about town.
Crash just after 1 shot at Zombie.

Hope this info is helping.

Crash again attacking Zombie.
Same error as last 3 times.
Dayz: Dayz.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xc000005)occurred in
the application 0x00e48197

BLISUS added a comment.Mar 8 2015, 4:09 AM

Not only was game still crashing. Now It will immediately shut down because battleeye will not update.
Look guys I want to speak with someone on a phone. This has been an impossible feat!
If you refuse to help than I expect a refund. Your game has not delivered nor has anyone replied on a timely or consistent basis. I am very disappointed with the tech department. This game has not been playable for any length of time. I dont understand why it is not and have been asking for help. No real guidance has been given as of yet.
This game has great potential. Something I could enjoy. Id like to be part of the evolution with positive ideas, but you guys are failing me.

Geez added a comment.Mar 9 2015, 10:36 AM

It is unfortunate to hear that you still are having issues, but please bear in mind that the game is still in Alpha state and issues like this can appear. We recommend you to contact as they should be able to help you with the issue regarding to Battleye update.


I will give you Battle eye being an alpha game problem. That is not the issue. Your game is still unplayable for me. I recently purchased a new game in alpha. I can play it without any problems.

It has now been months trying to work with you guys. What have you found? What progress have you made on my issue? None, care to explain. Alpha has nothing to do with it.

Geez added a comment.Mar 17 2015, 10:03 AM

We have spoke with the support and they have given us the crashlogs you have provided. Upon looking into them we haven't found any new info on the issue, other than what we have from the old crashlogs. Please be patient, we are working on the issue however fixing it may take time since the issue is pretty complex.

Logged in two times yesterday. Game still crashes. Played for about ten minutes each time. Gave up.
Put yourself in my shoes. How much more patient would you be with a game that is unplayable.

Geez added a comment.Jun 3 2015, 10:02 AM

The recent crashes may be caused by different problem, which we are aware of. Could you please send us the recent crashlogs, so we can confirm cause of the issue?