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Rifles not appearing at feet from hands when no room on back.
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This has only happened when I am fully geared as far as my armament is concerned. Rifle and melee on my back, sidearm in bag and another rifle or shotgun in hands. If I use the hot bar to switch to melee, the rifle in my hands does not appear at my feet. What I have discovered is that it appears in the last place that it was on the ground. If the last place that it touched the ground was it's original spawn location then that is where I'll find it. I am able to use the red X to place it on the ground at my feet and it will stay there awaiting my return. If I later use the hot bar to switch again to my melee then it will appear in that previous location mentioned. It seems that using items in the vicinity will cause it to appear at my feet as it is supposed to. Such as drinking and eating. I have not tried drinking and eating out of my inventory while holding it in my hands and I have not tried switching to anything but my melee weapon but I can check it out and update this if that's possible. (this is my first time reporting an issue.)


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This only applies to a SECOND PRIMARY weapon. You must have a weapon on your back and the weapon in your hands must NOT occupy space in your inventory.

  1. All inventory full, including back slots.
  2. Have another rifle or shotgun in your hands.
  3. Use the hot bar to switch to your melee weapon.
  4. The item should be transported to it's last location on the ground.

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I also reported this earlier 00121549. I also think it is not just rifles, but any item that does not have room in your inventory when dropped.

Geez added a comment.Feb 16 2015, 4:32 PM

Thank you for your report rais.
We are aware of this issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

The item seems to stay on your character in a glitched and very inconsistent state.

I had this happen to me:

I had a black AKS-74U in my hands without room for it in my inventory. I pulled out my axe and the black AKS-74U disappeared without a trace.

A few servers later, I found another AKS-74U which I put inside my inventory and spray painted green.

A few more servers later I came across a pristine AK-74 buttstock. I took the green AKS into my hands, detached its buttstock, and the black AKS appeared in my vicinity window for a few seconds before again disappearing without a trace.
Maybe if I'd try grabbing it sooner I'd unglitch it. But at that point I pretty much forgot about it.

I wasn't able to replicate this so far.

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We believe this has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.
Please feel free to submit new tickets if you encounter the problem again after the next Steam Experimental patch (on the Exp version).