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Ghillie suit, rolled up attached to backpack.
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Ghillie suit is almost useless to wear, without some carrying space like the smaller backpack. 5x4 seems excessive inside a backpack. I would like to see it changed to be rolled like a smersh backpack is to the bottom of the bag. Almost like a sleeping bag or tent is rolled to the bottom of a mountain backpack.

I also agree that you should be still able to wear your backpack or a smaller version of it 20 slot or something. Food, ammo, guns, and clips are getting impossible to carry.


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Disagree. Ghillie suit = no backpack

BUT having said that, I think that storage should be reworked.

Items like matches, knife etc. take up waaay too much space. You should be able to pack more stuff into your pockets and into your assault vest.

No, just because current state is good for balance. In any another case all players will wear ghillie.

They wont wear ghillie because its too hot. Plus you cant wear the bag with the Ghillie suit. I am talking about rolling it up to the bottom of the bag and carry it. People still will find you either way.

This way you can carry food, a few items. I would even just allow it to go to the mountain backpack.. Since you can carry a sleeping bag with it.

Otherwise make it 3x3 or something so we can at least carry some food.

@colonel something has to be done for organizing with limited space, the sizes or the additional mountain backpack rack. for tent etc.

I agree with you on that. The storage system is over the top.
Space in a properly geared sniper:
2x3 Gorka pants
2x3 Gorka jacket
2x4 Assault vest
Total 14 spaces

Stuff you have to carry around to survive
Knife 2 spaces
Bottle 2 spaces
Matches 1 space
Morphine / splint 1 or 2 spaces
Spare ammo 2 spaces
Can opener 1 space
Side-arm 4 spaces
Spare space to remove scope 2 spaces
Rags / bandage 1 space

That's 16 to 17 spaces you need. And you're not even carrying rocks, a pot or a .... COOKING TRIPOD!! (LOL) around with you, not to mention any food.

If some of the items were properly sized, it wouldn't be so much of a problem.

First of all - you don't need knife and can opener (3 slots). Just craft improvised knife from a stone (1 slot).
Second - if you wanna do such annoying bad thing like sniping you shouldn't be able to carry all you need for a full-time surviving.

burton, you miscalculated.

pants 2x3=6
jacket 2x3=6
vest 2x4=8

total 20

i still agree it needs balancing, but devs know that as well i think
so if you think you need to discuss at this point, use correct figures
also you forgot a rangefinder and cans of food (if you think you need the opener)

i think ghillies taking so much space is okay at this point, but just for balancing reasons, not for realism
i usually carry my ghille around in a backpack and drop the pack when i need to

I would agree that no backpack with ghillie suit, but there should be a place to stash your gear and hide it as well. When someone goes out in a real ghillie suit, their gear is stashed away and you throw a ghillie tarp over it. I think the creation of a ghillie tarp should be a craftable item to protect your small gear, like a backpack.