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Ammo stackable to 50 and not 20 or 30
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Since space is limited now we need some of the ammo stackable to be able to carry. 50 would sound reasonable or to 100 for some smaller ammo.
This way we can have some room for food to carry.


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You're working on this from the wrong side.

Ammo does not have to become more stackable.

We need more space for small items like knives, matches and fishing hooks, things that don't take up space at all in real life.

Quarter the size of some items and quadruple the space in bags.
Example: Matches = 1x1 Beans = 4x4 Pistol = 4x8

This I can agree on. We are running out of space before we get started.

cant use tents either.

I think this problem is also made worse by the rarity of ammo boxes to keep such rounds in, In reality they would be plentiful especially in military areas.

Disagree. That's a survival sim, not military.

Disagree too but i'm not talking about survival or realisn asspects.
You have to decide what you realy need.

I disagree, the game should not be convenient.

Its about the room space we have, not about how much ammo you can collect.

Edit=Since tents are broken, and I haven't seen one spawn for a very long time.
We are forced to go find bags, store on persistence servers and hop backwards. This is being done fyi

tents are not broken... i have seen 3 of them since last update