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Can`t start the fire
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Today I have problem with starting the fire. I prepare kit from book and kindling, insert a peace of firewood. When I try to use matches to start the fire I have no such option. I can choose only to take the fire kit and pack it, but I can`t choose to start the fire. I have pristine matches found in garage. I am trying to start the fire inside a garage in Vybor and several other places I was succesfull in the past.
I have tried it all the day at several places but always there is no option to start the fire when I have the matches in my hand. Only to take it. So I can`t heat up my character.


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You should add 5 sticks or 3 pieces of firewood.

6 sticks, 1 to create the firepit, add 5 sticks or 3 pieces of wood like above suggested, create fireplace, hold matches in hand, ignite. If its on a hilly area, move to a flat location.

This is not a bug, its working as intended to the .53 changes.

-close- this please.

Three pieces of firewood? A little bit over the top in my opinion. Or let me rephrase that, in that case, chopping down trees doesn't generate enough firewood.

One whole tree = 5 sticks???

The whole thing needs reworking!

Geez added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 1:02 PM

Hello and thank you for your report Potooczech.
To build a fireplace from fireplace kit, it is required to attach three pieces of firewood to it (or five sticks alternatively).Try with more firewood or sticks and report back if you encounter any issue.