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Trying to light a fireplace in "unsafe" place causes you to lose a match
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I was just trying to light a fireplace as a beacon on the top of the hill of the Southeast island to attract other players but couldn't find a spot where it told me it's okay to light (though it was on the grass right in the open)

I kept moving the spot and tried to light it. Suddenly I realised I had only one match left.

I tried to reproduce this and it's no problem. The matches react as if you are trying to light a fireplace in the wind or rain.

If it is unsafe to light, then I shouldn't lose a match trying to light a fireplace.


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Steps To Reproduce

Create fireplace kit in a place deemed unsafe (like a fireplace indoors or a castle yard)
Add sticks to fireplace kit
Try to light fireplace repeatedly getting the message "I can't light here it's not safe"
Watch matches quantity go down from 99 to zero.

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Please see 0021217
This can be closed

andy added a comment.Feb 16 2015, 1:04 PM

Closing as a duplicate of #21217.
Thanks for the report!