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PET Bottle holds more than Canteen
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Pouring a full water bottle (100%) into an empty canteen (0%), it results in a full canteen with the water bottle retaining 25% of water. meaning a canteen only holds 75% the amount that a water bottle does.


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Steps To Reproduce

You will need, 1 badly damaged (or better) Canteen, and 1 water bottle

Fill the water bottle to 100%

Pour water bottle into canteen

observe results

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Here are the pictures in an imgur album:

PET Bottle full = 1000ml

Canteen full = 750ml

PET Bottle is best.

LOL ridiculous. The PET bottle in the inventory is NEVER larger than 500 ml

If it were really 1.000 ml (which it is funny enough) it would have to be three slots large.

They messed it up IMO

Geez added a comment.Feb 16 2015, 2:21 PM

Hello EliOnTheRebound and thank you for your report.
Currently the water bottle can hold 1 liter of water, while canteen holds just 750 mililitres.That means everything works as designed.