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V3S Trucks sometimes merge underground when you crash into something
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it has happened a lot to me since the V3S came out. Speed usually helps the glitch.


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Drive the V3S and crash it into a wall, or anything (high speed usually helps but i've done it driving 20 mph) the back of the truck will go under ground. then the whole thing will just stay half way in the ground.

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Occurred to me on 2-8-15, on the valley road north out of Kamyshovo. While badly negotiating the corner onto the road up to Tulga, I struck the end of the pile of logs, and the truck sank into the map, turned over a few times violently, and disappeared toward the center of the earth. I had no option other than to get out, which I knew would kill me, and it did.

Happened to me today. I just had a V3S glitch underground. I logged off and then back on and it stayed at please wait forever then finally said my character has been lost and it notified a system admin. Please re log. Upon re logging it loaded me a new character. wtf mate. hours of work gone because I bumped into a sign going about 10 khp

2 friends of mine bump into each others V3s and one one them clip underground then died imidietly.
Also, I walked on the side of my friend's truck (by the door not the wheels) and it crushed me to death

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Hello and thank you for the report Sore51.
We are aware of this issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.