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Died when i tried to entry a V3S
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Today i tried to entry a V3S then the V3S Jumps up and i was dead.I searched 5 Hours for an M4A1 and now i loose it when i tried to entry a V3S.

Link to Steam Profil

possibly you can see it by the reason why i died.


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When you come too close to a V3S it will jump up.

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Thank you for the report rachii.
We are aware of this issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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Thanks for your Feedback,

Regards rachii

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Happened to me again recently when I approached a truck which had been parked on nearly level ground - bumped the truck accidentally and died instantly. The worst part is that the body and all gear disappears and cannot be found on return. Please make this a priority, as trucks are practically unusable if there is a 50% chance of dying and losing all your stuff every time you find one.