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"Sick" stauts from infected wound not cureable
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A frind of mine patched herself up with a sewing kit, and got an infected wound, so we got her some alcoholic tincture and antibiotcs, but it didn't help(we also gave her all almost all other meds (no incetion/epi/morphine).

So i tested it on the 3rd person hive for myself, and when i finally got the infection, and tried to cure it, it just purged my other status effects (energized/hydrated/wet), but "sick" remained(althogh im not sure if it changed from orange to yellow).
Few minutes later i relogged, and spawned in hungry(organge)/thirsty(organge)/sick(orange)/wet, which intatly changed to starving/thirsty(red)/sick(orange)/wet.
The food/drink issue might be caused by an other issue (


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I was actually able to cure my "sick" status from patching my character up by simply eating a lot - mainly fresh fruit.

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we were not able to reproduce the issue and cured the infection by Antibiotics.
Seems like some sort of a weird desync issue - please feel free to submit a new ticket if you encounter this again, but everything seems to be configured properly on our end.