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Compass STILL wrong.
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What can i say. Read on an older patch note that the compass problem was fixed. South is west, north is east...


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Get a compass.

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Thanks for the report, insaneroy!
While we have fixed a problem with the compass, another one might have surfaced - it has been scheduled for a fix.

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Problem still exists for me as of Feb 17, 2015; I tested two pristine compasses in an area I know well, against two reference points on a line due east-west. Compasses were both in error by 180 degrees. In a previous game session, the same two compasses were off by 90 degrees.

Compasses are so often incorrect now, that they cannot be relied on.

I agree, this has been a problem on and off for months. It makes it very difficult to navigate without a compass, especially considering the moon and sun are also inconsistent, usually in a general southerly direction.

Looks like it is finally working as of ver 54. Well done guys, my navigator thanks you. Cheers and beers.

I agree. Thanks, dudes!

Bytor added a comment.Feb 27 2015, 2:26 AM

I found one of the new compasses; it and the old one I am carrying are now accurate. Thanks for realigning the earth's magnetic fields back to where they should be. I can find my way around through the Great Northwestern Forests again.