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Hunger / Hydration status depletes to death/near death when joining a server.
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I was on a server which had the "No response received for xx" so i logged out. My health status was Hydrated and Healthy before doing this. I joined another server shortly after and everything was grey as if i was dying and i was starving and thirsty.

I proceeded to play and get back to a decent health status although everything still appeared grey. Got looted up and logged out.

When joining another server later on, my status reports went something like this immediately.

I am hungry
I am starving
i am dying of starvation

I need a drink
im thirsty
im dying of dehydration.

I immediately logged off and haven't logged back on since.

I've never had this prior to the 0.53 update.


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When I had this happen I was on yellow thirsty and no message on hungry, The Server went down and when I logged back in I was suddenly starving to death and dying of thirst.

Same here, server did a reboot on schedule and informed me five and one minute before the restart. I stayed till the message of no response. Back then I was healthy, energized, hydrated and 1st level of stuffed. I waited a short time and relogged to the same server. There I got red messages of starvation and dehydration and thought those are fake (messages of the day). When the screen grayed out I knew this was for real and barely survived.

My friend did the same but his login took a bit longer. He was just fine.


As pointed out by snipertrifle, drinking from 20L jerry can be the reason. Back then I tried filling an emptied can with rainwater to see if a jerry can fills with same percentage or with same absolute volume per catch. Later one is the case and after filling up about 700ml I drunk the collected water all at once.

Confirmed. Anybody know how to reproduce this?

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 9:24 PM

Apparently if you drink out of a full 20l jerrycan then relog, the game thinks you are stuffed and have thrown up many times, leading you to be dying of starvation and dehydration :)

i can confirm some players (a frind of mine) have this issue, i don't know what causes it though...
maybe i should just kill her and see if it persists

also use search, as this has already bben reported

Geez added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 3:28 PM

Hello and thank you for the report Fe3n1x.
We are aware of this issue #0021408 and it has been fixed internally, so it should be fixed on steam soon.