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Persistence not working on Private Shard Server
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Installing persistence via the admin panel provided by Vilayer finishing ok, with the server stopped. Nothing seems to be persistent even though the module says installed in the addon manager section of the Admin Panel. Tents disappear, items respawn completely and no items placed on the floor survive the server restart.


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Install Persistence. Start server. Join.

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I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling persistence on my vilayer server.

Everything from Backpacks on the ground too the Trucks not being persistent.

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I am having the same issue with 2 of my Private Vilayer servers. The third hasn't had persistence turned on as of yet.

What would be the cause of this?

I am another with this same issue on my Private Vilayer server.

Hi Zarniwoop,

Have you been in contact with your GSP regarding this issue? If so, could you try sending a copy of your correspondence to please?


Hi JStewart,

I just received this from Vilayer.

Hi Bradley,

We are looking into this at the moment a lot of our customers are having this issue it seems.
Currently we are not sure if it is a bug with our system or the update.

I have contacted my GSP about the issue and they are looking into it, as Minty2015 has said.

Yup not working here either, but on non persistence items go poof in random servers on dayz so is it vilayer or just the patch?

Maybe BEC is outdated because I have my ticket in.

Received just now (bummer):

Hello "Me",

If you have enabled persistence on your server and you are finding that it is not working, then you will need to do the following quick fix to get it working again.

  1. Open your server in the acp and load the "Backup Manager"
  2. You need to select the "Reset - This Will Wipe All Data Except Your Character"
  3. This will clear the corrupted persistence and refresh the server files needed to fix this, once the server comes back online your items should go back to saving again.

Sorry for any inconvenience, if this fix doesn't work for you or you are still having problems then just let us know. If you do have a ticket open about this we request that you close it if this fix works for you.


Vilayer Support Staff

If anyone does this and it works please post it here.

ok so Trucks are now persistant, but backpacks on the ground with gear in them still don't stay.

Jman added a comment.Feb 6 2015, 12:19 AM

I have done the above fix and it seemed to have worked with tents and a can of bacon at least. I have not tested vehicles or backpacks. This was on my AU servers, 1st and 1st/3rd person.

Edit: So this workaround seems to have worked on: AU AU

But no matter what I do I cannot get persistence to work on: US

So apparently the workaround works for some servers and not for others, unfortunately.

Jman added a comment.Feb 6 2015, 5:28 AM

Seems like Vilayer has sorted out the issue, for me anyway. All servers seem to be working with persistence on.

Same all fixed now touch wood.

Can you confirm if the fix is in for your servers as well, Zarniwoop?