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Game crash & "cannot open file"-error
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I try to join a server and then the game crashes, following an error message saying:

"Cannot open file ´C:\Users\Felix\AppData\Local\DayZ\tmp\_cur_mp.ebo´"

I looked up the folder and file that the warning mentions and I cant find them in that state. The weird thing is I found a similar file name in a map called "MPMissionsCache" called "_cur_mp.pbo" (pbo instead of ebo)

I have been trying different things like: uninstall and reinstall but same thing happens again. I tried to clean up my computer with ccleaner but no progress.


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I have always been able to play the game but now my friends games are working fine and mine keeps crashing. It happened yesterday and occurs almost every time I try to connect to a server.

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andy added a comment.Jan 30 2015, 4:37 PM

Hi Felician0 and sorry to hear about your trouble.
This is most likely caused by something going wrong when downloading the latest update. Please verify the data: Steam Library - Rightclick on DayZ - Properties - Local files - Verify integrity of game cache.
This should re-download the corrupted files and fix the problem.
Please let me know if it helped.

I tried it today and when trying to join my friends game the game crashed again.

I had this problem a few days ago on help ticket #0022538.

Per JStewart, I removed the -dologs launch parameter and this resolved the problem.