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crafted rock disappears
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Just crafted improvised knife and it disappeared- not in vicinity either.


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Find a stone and craft it behind a building in the vicinity of east well in Svet (just behind it, slightly north). Improvised knife disappears each time. Tried 4 times and all disappeared. No longer was able to find stones so I gave up.

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I have been able to craft and keep improvised knives in public hives. This was a private shard.

It did complete the animation and did tell me I had crafted an improvised knife.

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The disappearing stone knife when you try to craft it is linked to the current animation bug (i.e the same as splints/skinning animals).

If you take the stone to hands, then F11 to start the suicide animation, then craft the knife while the animation of bringing fingers to head. This method crafts a knife everytime, if you don't do it this way then there is a good chance you get a message saying you crafted knife but it's no where to be seen.

I have had this issue as well. At first it let me craft knives and then on a private server it just kept disappearing.

If you get stuck trying to craft a stone knife, repeatedly tap X and C!