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Guard Tower- unable to descend ladder
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Climbed to the top of the ladder and stepped off onto the platform. Tried to get back onto the ladder and was unable. Ended up falling to my death.


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Went to the top of a guard tower to the west of a town a little NW of Dubrovka. Headed through the field and found one collapsed and one standing guard tower. Climb to the top, try to come down.

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I've experienced this on a few ladders but generally you have enough room to "reset" by walking back and allowing the necessary distance to see the down arrow. In that guard tower you don't have enough space to do that.

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With enough trying it's possible to get the arrow, but even then instead of climbing on the ladder my character just ran off the platofrm and landed on the ground. A split second later I was back on top of the ladder an could climb down. As soon as I reached the bottom I died.