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Makarov Fires More Than 8 Rounds
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I was fully geared and far from any town, so instead of humping it across the map for an hour I decided to play with my toys and off myself. I tend to keep to myself, so I don't get to fire my guns very often.

I fired a few magazines through my Mak to test out the accuracy, then spent the rest of my ammunition magdumping into the woods. Which is when I noticed something was off: my Makarov was extra shooty. When I fired very quickly, I could squeeze between 9 and 13 shots out of a full 8-round magazine (Had to double check that BI hadn't replaced the pistol with the PMM). I had enough .380 to repeat this five or six times. The first couple produced the most shots, then it tapered down. I did not think to watch for/count impacts, sorry.

Then I stabbed myself in the neck with a canopener.


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[Server was <4 population, latency under 80.]

  1. Load 8-round Makarov magazine with .380 Auto
  2. Insert magazine into Makarov
  3. Magdump, counting shots
  4. Should be able to pull trigger, fire weapon more times than ammo should allow.
Additional Information

I was standing just on the edge of the map, in a wooded area with no buildings nearby.
I had three Makarov magazines I was switching between.

Green Tactical Helmet
Autumn Gorka suit
Tortilla Backpack, mostly full
Black Fire Axe
Green AK-74 w/suppressor

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did you just count the shots or also the impacts?
im asking because at some point i noticed, that you can shoot as long as your client thinks there is enough ammo in the gun, but as long as the server says there is no ammo/clip in that gun, no shots are actually fired and can hurt people
had this with a clip in my ak (as 2nd weapon in my hands), and stuff not updating as long as you don't put them on the ground

either way this is something that should be addressed at some point, but if it only fires those shots locally, it should have a lower priority imo

I noted that I didn't think to count the impacts. If I find another handgun and magazine I'll try it again, but it's hard to do by yourself through the muzzle flash.

Server/client lag makes sense to me. A max shot counter should be simple enough to implement client-side as a fix.