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World darkens when near a fire
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I go near a campfire/ignited fireplace and the whole other world gets black. {F31042} {F31043}


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Just ignite your fireplace and go near it and look at it. Then the world gets black.

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Maybe works only at night in game. Darkness disappears when moving randomly.

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imho this is correct how it works. Try to dark black your room. Try to turn on a flashlight, maybe of your handy. Keep it down in your hand = Room brightening up you can see better.

Now try to get your light near to your eyes = You wont see anything, 'cause everything will look black again even when the light is turned on

Okay. But I think it shouldn't dark it to black. It's ok that it darks but why all the way black? Not good like that is my opinion.

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i hope the new renderer with new light effects correct this. i dont know if this was intended or a bug but sometimes i think its a bug.

No, It's better the way it is. For example, take real life. You stay in one dark room for 1 hour. Your eyes get focused on dark, your retina ( IDK name of it, but it's part of eye, not native english speaker ) gets bigger, collecting more light sources, and makes you get focused in dark, meaning you can see a bit better. Now, take flashlight and flash it in eyes for 3 seconds, then quickly turn off lamp and look in room. You see nothing! YEAH, SCIENCE!

Yes I know your point, but still in real life you can see a little bit, it doesn't darken all black. You guys have your own opinions but I think that in game we should see even a little bit.

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It is not completly black for me.

I've had this too, don't know why I had it though.

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The point of having it get dark is to make it a pros versus cons situation

You're lighting the fire for warmth / cooking / light and to keep away the boogeymen, but you're unable to see outside of the reaches of the light, and anyone far away is able to see your fire and knows you're there.

It makes lighting a fire at night more of a risk. Maybe you need to have guards posted outside the light so they can protect the people near the fire, etc.

You didn't watch my video, did you. The fireplace in my video wasn't even lit.

Please watch it before you comment.


I wasn't replying to your video, I was replying to the reporter of the ticket. Why would you think I was replying to your video? Why would I reply to your comment?

Why would you even say you've "had this too", when your issue is 100% different? The ticket author is talking about the light being too dark around fires, you're talking about yours being black without the fire being lit. Your issues are completely different.

Go create your own bug report, because you're apparently experiencing a bug.

Fun fact : anyone who responds to this ticket isn't necessarily responding to you. Unless someone specifically references you or something you've said, don't assume.

Please read peoples comments before you assume they're responding to you.

So, I uploaded a couple of pictures there. That upper one is the thing I think isn't correct. I think that's a bug or it's very badly made. That lower picture is like I think it's supposed to work. Both pictures are taken from the same point. Tell me guys what you think?

Upload to please. I don't believe we have access to attached files. Doesn't look like I'm able to view what you uploaded in any way at least.

Correct, that does appear to be a bug. I think if you provided a photo in the beginning it might have made more sense. I've seen it happen to me a couple times but very rarely.

Ok. For me it happens almost all the time when doing something with a fire.

Happend to me in current 0.58 experimental. Fireplace was in a building. If more information is needed please ask.

Feels like no one isn't interested what's happening on these forums.

Maybe the level of darkness is a little bit too high but still it represents the way it is IRL.

Imagine when you get to a closed shack or sth. from outside during a really bright day. You can't see a thing a while.

And that's what it happens in DayZ.

If any adjustments needed its only few percents of adjustments IMHO.

It may be too dark after facing the darkness but only slightly. That is my opinion in that matter and thus I voted "Nay".

oiduts added a subscriber: oiduts.May 8 2016, 9:08 PM

i noticed that too. and it's not like it's black. it's nothing you can't see anything. i have to look away from the fire so that i can see again.

For me the world was complete black. I could step away 1.5 meters or look away from the fire but i wasnt't getting better. Beyond 1.5 meters some shapes came back but it was very hard to leave the room where the fire was.