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character horribly shaking while aiming
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Description after like a month (in case of my friend just a few days) of inactivity my and my friend's characters started to shake like this and we cannot stop it anyhow. i have even tried to eat like every single medicine (antibiotics, charcoal, vitamins, painkillers, morphine).

My friend even keeps shaking after he died several times and respawned with a fresh character

an hour ago we tested if it has any effect on the aim and the result is:
I needed 56 bullets to hit a friend standing on the roof (with correct zeroing ofc) without optics it's not that bad but using a scope it's simply "f*** you" situation .. and something very similar is happening to one of my friends as well

  1. character is not cold or anything (even if we spent some time at the campfire we were still shaking)
  2. i have never eaten human meat (someone said characters start shaking after doing so)
  3. i am fully energized/hydrated & healthy and have no state messages or negative statuses (as seen in the video)


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I don't know how to reproduce something that started the very moment I logged in the game.. it just was like this since then

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Confirmed, same happening to me all the time.

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You need to put down a fire or two and sit there for awhile. You have a cold bug - not seeing messages your frozen cold. Heat up for 10+ minutes and make sure items not in hands. lay down and volla all fixed.

I know been testing this for a very long time.

^ yep hes right yesterday i spent 80 minutes siting by 3 camp fires

Plevel added a comment.Jan 2 2015, 4:43 PM

^ and did it help? :D

confirmed took like 10 minutes of dancing around the fire...tried moving away and back towards it to the the "I'm warming up message" and finally i quit shaking when looking down sites.

it helped but 10 minutes after i got robed by a hacker bambi while i was looking at map

Plevel added a comment.Jan 4 2015, 2:40 PM

oh nice.. i got shot by a hacker but for me the problem got fixed (i hope not temporarily :D )

*also the campfire did not help me.. after 20mins spent close to it with empty hands it reduced the shaking a bit for a while but it rapidly went to the old state

You are cold, and you do need a campfire (or two or three next to each other!!)

I know it doesn't say you are cold, but you are!

You need to spend ages by the campfires.

Believe me! Get yourself a thermometer and measure your temperature. It will be at 35°C (lowest possible display) and stay there for ages when you are by the fire.

It's important it says "I am slowly warming up" every once in a while.

Try it out, please, let me know if it worked (did for me and a friend though he didn't believe me!!)

EDIT: Sorry about the hacker, dude. Just read that. That's been happening to us a lot, lately, too.....

andy added a comment.Jan 14 2015, 10:27 AM

Hi everyone and thank you for your feedback.
I've decided to use the #20179 ticket for this, please feel free to monitor it for further updates.