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* SERVER INSTABILITY / Server Crashes and Lock Ups * Post-0.52 * Memory Leaks, Teddy Bears, & Time *
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The last few patches has seen SERVER performance go all over the place, and get
worse after 0.52 update. Probably a combination of memory leaks and other
latent issues, as a high or fluctuating player count & their interaction with
items can double the amount of Server Crashes, Server Lock/Hang Ups, or Both -
but most servers will see this happen at least once per day, usually more.

Our Server, & many others hasn't made it past 25 players for longer than an
hour without either:
A. Crash&Restart B. Lock-up until proper restart C. Persistence File Crashing

ALSO worth noting, many servers - suddenly had a 24 hour time cycle 'kind of'
working for several days after the 0.52 update, but after subsequent
crashes/lockups, it has failed and reverted back to default times upon restart.

In my experience, a huge instability problem was noted before, during, and
after the 24 hour cycle suddenly ceased, as well as a 8 hour lockup until
persistence was manually disabled, and then re-enabled.

Server issues should take the forefront, considering a large part the 'end of
the year goal' was supposed to be server stability and performance, as the
December Dev Blogs reported they were focused on it. This shows it's gotten
worse, at least during the first week before they probably did a stealth revert
to mitigate a few issues - which caused bugs in itself.

IMO .52 failed hard, as not only did server stability decline for a rushed
'fix' patch, but updated 'features' were probably contributing to it, and
instead of generous testing time given - it was pushed to stable on a Friday,
all for the sake of giving people the teddy bears and item content, regardless.

It wouldn't be honest for me, or anyone else, to prematurely go overboard on
giving props for these patch sessions, because in reality its just more items
and tweaks, some partly placeholder even - the serious meat & potatoes once
again wasn't given priority or missed it's mark. It all sets a very bad
precedent. A day late and a dollar short, points given for distractions.



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Been noticing this also.
I personally think the infinite teddy bears is a big part as the crashing has become very frequent on my server the last 3 days and seems to be only getting worse.

Much like when persistence first came out and item you dropped would dupe endlessly.

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I have exactly the same issue, server side memory leak, until server locks up and needs manual restart

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Server crashes are very frequent. Tonight for example I had to restart manually due to server hangs at least 5 times within a 4hr restart cycle. It's getting a bit ridiculous especially when we're paying a premium for private shards that just don't want to stay up.
Then we get the run around by having our GSPs blame it on BI and then BI blame it on the GSPs.
Server stability was said to be priority with this patch but from what I see it's worse than it has been. They should of held off on putting .52 out until after the Holiday break because servers are really broken at the moment.

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Thanks for the additional feedback, keep it coming, even if they don't want to listen. It's gotten way to little attention, and way too much thanks by the status quo that's not paying any attention.

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I didn't have any crashes, but I noticed that sometimes, after scheduled restarts, the Servertime is reset, so instead of night time it looks like the server time is set to 12:00

When I restart the server manually the time is set correct again to

@Geez maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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