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Reports of gunshot sound bug is still present but is a "sometimes happens" case
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Proof at 02:56:25 -

-You see the first flash but no sound from the mosin.

-There was 5 players in the network bubble.


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Is it at least any better? Would it be possible to specify in what situations this occurs?
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It is a bit better.
On the situations side I am not sure what makes it occur, I watch streams and read reddit to gather info.

yesterday's session:

5 men surrounded me with SKS, M4 and possibly AK. The gun sounds were barely audible. I saw the muzzle flash and smoke, but the guns sounded like someone is shooting me from like 100 meters...

It was starnge because the V3S engine sound and noise level was normal...

Here's a new /r/dayz thread that is asking people to test the bug scientifically and report data to help the developers.

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I can confirm that this is still at least partially an issue. My friend and i decided to start using guns to kill zombies in towns in order to become more comfortable using guns and in firefights in Dayz.


While shooting all of the zombies in multiple towns, we noticed that usually the shots could be heard by the opposite player but sometimes they couldn't.

I didn't notice any specific circumstances that dictate whether or not a sound is made for others. But i can say we were never further apart than 50 meters while shooting, so we should have heard the shots every time.

andy the m4 doesn't sound exactly right with the suppressor on. I think it still rattles off to loud. 8 of us confirmed it should be more a poofing type sound not a rattle loud bang.

this sounds more like what we are talking about.

Is it just me?

The m4 suppressed is still completely silent at more than 50m, which is very unrealistic. The sound is somewhat accurate from the barrel but definitely not loud enough, have you ever heard real rifle suppressors in a shooting range? They still ring out very loud up to 400m easily. There's a reason in that video the operator is still wearing hearing protection.

As to the sound issue with deafened gunshots on even un-silenced weapons it's most likely tied to characters that log in with their guns loaded, because I've been unable to hear my friends firing until they reload when we join servers. This doesn't happen all the time, but more often on laggy/full servers.

After 0.55 gunshots are bugged more than before. Someone killed my friend with a mosin: 0 gunshot sound and 0 hit sound. I killed him, started to gather his gear and then gray screen. I got hit 3 times (3 shots) and again: 0 gunshot sound and 0 hit sound. Finally I saw a guy that was trying to kill me, but it was to late. He killed me with his 4th shot and again: 0 sound.
Before that situation I even got accused of using hacks, because a guy didn't hear shots from my m4.

Still happening in 0.58, my friend hears shots and I dont alot of times.

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Experienced this today in .59 exp

Still happening on latest build. Sometimes me or my friend have not been able to hear each other shots even close range. Mostly works tho. Also seen happen in streams.

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I was playing with a friend yesterday, he was using the pump shotgun, he shot that gun about 10 time in the whole play sessions and I've never heard the gunshot once, all these times I was close to him, 10-30 meters from him.