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Get completely soaked when crouching on edge of pond
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I went to a pond to fill my canteen. I crouch walked until the Fill Bottle option appeared. I filled the canteen and until the filling finished I got soaked. (approx 1-2 sec) This happened to me several times, but not always.


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Yes, you get the status "completely soaking" but if you look in your inventory, you will see, it is only your footwear and pants, which is kinda logic. wring them out and the problem is solved.

andy added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 10:28 AM

Hi bszamody and thanks for the report.
As Yvan stated, this seems to behave correctly on our end. There is however a problem with the pond placement (the straight edges), which is something we have been looking into and adjusting all over the map. Please feel free to submit a new ticket with the location specified if you encounter this again.