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mosin with scope is magically stronger than mosin without scope
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You can be shot point blank with a mosin from 5 ft. away and be fine.

You can get shot in the leg from a 500 yards away with a mosin with a scope and you die instantly.

The game has some funky logic going on.


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It should depend on victim's previous health status. If your health is low you can be killed easier than while healthy.

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It should depend more on point of impact, penetration, and whats hitting you. In reality, you could probably get your legs completely shot off after being starved and dehydrated for days and still live for some period of time long enough to pull a gun out and fire it (that is if you don't go into shock or go unconscious).

andy added a comment.Dec 17 2014, 11:11 AM

Hi warcryr and thank you for your report!
We have checked this and the damage given is the same with and without the optic. Presumably, there was some other reason for the issue you have encountered (health status of the target, desynchronization...).