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bicycles, mountian bikes, trikes
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Bicycles and bikes would make mobility in this game better. Trikes with baskets allow for 12 slots inventory for food and stiff.


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yeah and if you don't maintain them they get rusty in rain and start to squeal.

  • which is quite a sight for zeds ..

Don't know about the trike with basket though.

Baskets as a bicycle mod is kinda neat. 12 slots is WAY too much, though. 4 max.

That said, this is already going to happen. Patience.

I think a bicycle as a vehicle would be amazing. I would imagine the following:

. it would be a little bit faster than sprinting, but would take much less energy
. would be difficult to ride off road (if not impossible, maybe you would be forced to stay on the roads with a bike? I guess if its a mountain bike you could go offroad, but maybe a regular bike would not?)
. you should be able to be hit by zeds, mele, guns etc. while riding the bike
. they would need repairs if the tires are flat, chain breaks, etc.

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