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Driving V3S-Truck outside the Map Border results in the Truck sinking through the Surface, killing the Player.
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As one crosses the Borders of the Chernarus Map inside a V3S, it dissappears into the Ground, killing the Player(s) inside it after some Seconds.


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Drive V3S across the Map Extends.

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Thanks for the report, Nimeri!
We are aware of this and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Bytor added a subscriber: Bytor.May 8 2016, 8:55 PM

This has happened to me also, driving off the western edge of the map on the paved road - I unexpectedly fell through the map and died. I have also disposed of vehicles which I did not want to be found by pushing them across the border, and watching them sink out of sight.

If I might offer an opinion:
Understandably, the edge of the map is the intended limit of the game, and it might be considered an exploit to be able to drive off the map, free of roads, and drive at top speed and unhindered to another point and re-enter the map. It could preserve the integrity of the enclosed world if trucks were limited from travelling off-map, without killing the occupants: If the X or Y position of the truck = less than zero, then the engine shuts off, and you are back on foot.