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[Suggestion] Remove 'empty Canister' Option from Canister, it has no obvious Use!
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Running around with a filled Gasoline Canister, searching for the hard-to-find V3S Truck gets frustrating, because every Time you log in or choose an other Action or draw a Weapon for Self-Defense, picking up the Canister shows 'empty Canister' Option at first. It happens way to often, that the Fuel is spilled into Nature by that for no Reason and one has to find a Gas-Station again to refuel.

Showing 'fill Canister' at a Gas-Station and 'Refuel <VehicleX>' near a Truck or Car or what-ever-to-come in later Updates would be perfectly enough IMHO, spilling Fuel into the Environment is never a good Idea in Real-Life, why should it be in Chernarus?! Why can't a Canister filled with e.g. 8L Fuel simply be filled up, instead of emptying it to 0% first and then filling it up to 100% again? This seems slightly illogical, not to call it ridiculous.

A Function to refill a Canister by another Canister might come in handy also. This works with Canteens and Waterbottles, so it surely could work with Canisters also, i presume.


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e.g. Hold a Weapon in Hand, click Canister, waste Fuel.

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There is a reason for that.
In later versions you are able to fill it with water. therefore you may want to empty it, that you can fill it with the other fluid. depending on what you need at the moment.
and "empty canister" is on the first place of suggestions, because it is the only action you can do anywhere. you can't refuel if you aren't next to a trucks tank or fill it up if you aren't next to a petroil pump.

I would prefer the Empty action be disabled until it has a use.

Isn't the action wheel getting a full redesign soon? I hate that floating text.

Thanks for your Explanation, NewOutlaw - i just nevertheless agree with SgtPotatoes at the Moment. I would just not have thought about filling Lifesource Water into a former Petrol-filled Canister, as Rests of Petrol could spoil the Water Quality in Real Life, but i get the Point of Ingame Flexibility it adds later on.

@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket like obsolete?

@Geez maybe close this ticket cause it's obsolete?

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