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DayZ has stopped working
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Basically when I try to join a server in server browser it crashes. This happens 8 times out of 10 and when it doesn't crash I can play until I go back to server browser and it will eventually crash. It has only crashed in menu as I can remember.


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I have tried reinstalling, starting dayz.exe as administrator, installing to another hard drive, validating files via steam, restarting computer, etc... Nothing have worked.

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I included the DxDiag file aswell as my DayZ.rar folder as this site told me to do when reporting an issue.
Thanks! :)

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Hi Carlderpathor and sorry about your trouble.
The AppData files you have attached are quite old and we cannot do much with them - would it be possible to delete the contents of the Appdata folder, reproduce the crash again and upload the AppData again?
Thank you,

Im having the same thing also had it in the 0.50 stable.
Searched the whole net for a solution tried everything...
When in the main menu there is no problem and also no problems ingame but when i go to the server browser i gotta pick a server fast cause it crashes to desktop else and says DAYZ.EXE has stopped working...
I can also note that when the crash occurs like 1 or 2 seconds before the menu music skips a bit

@Geez I think need to close this ticket cause it's too old

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