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Cannot scroll military tent inventory.
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I can't scroll up nor down the inventory pertaining to the military tent. If I'm to try to place something in a slot which the item will not fit into, the item will look for a combination of appropriate slots. If I have most of the first visible slots inside the tent filled, the item will store beyond those 98 slots leaving the item inaccessible.


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had the same issue.
maybe not many people are reporting this bug because it's a rare item to find.

And that's bad because I can't use tent's features. There are wipes every Wednesday and it is hard to deal with invisible items inside: to pack up your tent you need to empty its inventory. To do this sometimes you need a server restart (or several) to make invisible items visible and then take/drop them on the ground.
Awaiting fixes ASAP. Thanks in advance devs.

Yeah it really sucks because I accidentally swapped a vest for my smersh vest and smersh backpack combined so it moved the smersh vest and backpack too low in the inventory for me to get so now I lost the vest and bag and I also cannot pack up my tent.. So please fix this bug. Thanks

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 8:48 PM

Hey devs,
we have now a backpack in the tent down the border line of the inventory of the tent. How we get the stuff back? ;)
Bzw: By this bug we are only able to use 1/2 of the Slots of the tent.

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I would like to make sure this gets visited. These tents seems to have very low spawn rates so we may not get too many bug reports regarding them. We definitely need this looked into however if you please.

Steps to get rid of laggy invisible loot:

  1. Take all stuff from the top of the tent and get rid of it.
  2. Wait for server restart.
  3. Pray.)

Agree. I don't like that this small but very uncomfortable problem still is not acknowledged by devs.

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Hey everyone, thank you for your feedback and sorry for the trouble.
This has been scheduled for a fix.

still exists 2015-01-17

Nero in experimental or stable?

still exists in 0.55 stable

Yeah, we've also this Problem in 0.55. Half of the space is wasted due to this bug. Please fix...

"This has been scheduled for a fix."
-Andy, December 17, 2014.

God damn liar.

Geez added a comment.Apr 13 2015, 11:40 AM

Hello nexdemise.
The issue has indeed been scheduled for a fix, however, there are other more pressing issues with higher priority which require our attention. The issue will get fixed eventually. Thank you for your patience.

"The issue will get fixed eventually"

"This has been scheduled for a fix."
-Andy, December 17, 2014."


You let people pay around 28euro and then still can't get a scroll-bug (users can't scroll down in the tent menu) fixed in about 5months?


"The issue will get fixed eventually"

"This has been scheduled for a fix."
-Andy, December 17, 2014."


"You let people pay around 28euro and then still can't get a scroll-bug (users can't scroll down in the tent menu) fixed in about 5months?

Nice! - Jonasr666"

This is longer then 5 months :) but i'm agrée with some people here we loose 100 place in a 257 tent ..
And i'm agree with Geez To, there are more important bug to fix like the loot respawn ! tents can wait a bit !!

@jonasr666 - You buy a game 28€ and you know it was a ALPHA game , ALPHA = a game still on devlopement ! devlopement = bugs and other inconvenience so stop blame Devlopers, they are working on it every day! just wait and be patient

@Cedrico; Alpha or not. The wait time for this kind of bugs is just not right.
This should be a minor quick fix and shouldn't survive so many updates.
devlopement = bugs = get reported = get fixed.

So in this case, we should "blame" the bad excuse Geez here gave us.
There is no reason at all, to let users wait such a long time.
In Alpha we should see much improvements, but they can't seem to even fix the small mistakes. This game will be Alfa forever.

But hey, we'll collect more tents for camps :).

@jonasr666, you are correct in that something like this should be relatively easy to fix. However, the developers may currently be working on core aspects of the game which could potentially "re-break" the minor things, which would make fixing them now a waste of time.

I know it's frustrating and I'm sure they know it's frustrating. But this isn't a game-breaking bug so I doubt it makes sense for them to fix it until the larger systems in the game are complete.

-Para, Mai 2, 2015.
Can u please fix this with the new 0.56 Patch!! Then u also dont need to pitch tents up everytime the server full restarts... This is really frustrating for all the tent folks out there!
I mean there are several minor bugs of this class known. Why u dont invest in a good developer who is especially responsible for this minor issues? I say minor issues concerning the program man power u need to invest. Its a BIG, SAD issue for us players!

I found something out!!! If you use this new UI with the start parameters in the steam launch options "-newui" than u can scroll the car and military tents.
THE UI IS SHIT, but if u only use it to manage ur tent inventory and turn it off afterwards its fine for now.