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Death Bodies are unlootable -> No longer Teamplay possible
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As i wrote here its not possible to make any kind of teamplay.
Why it is so?
One Teammade get killed by whatever, you run to the death Body and wanna save the gear. But this is not possible. The problems in the top link stop the teamplay. You are not able to run the body and IF you made it, then you can't drag and drop the gear on the ground or pick it up.
The problem starts with attachments on weapons are unable to see and use (long long time ago the issue) and goes over boxes and vest, how are empty if you get it from another Player by giving or pick it up but in real, they are not. This are never fixed and now the bodies are unlootable.


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Play with more then one Player
One Player dies
The other Player try to loot the body

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Steam Version 2014-12-02

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Please elaborate. You can't loot any player bodies at all, friend or foe?
Do you have some screenshots you could provide?

Yes this has happend to me often... unable to loot dead players bodies

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any devs or mods noted this bug or will it ignored again? :(
A little "Noted" would be nice ;)

Confirmed. Possible solution till Fix: Drop your own gear to the ground, then pick up death bodies gear. then drop it too and switch back to your own gear.

Last time: I could only take the weapon and the hunting knife on this way you wrote SirCrocodile. The rest was unlootable.

looted a dead body just like the way i discribed yesterday. Worked fine for me

which did not work with us :( As i wrote, only the weapon.
But, in a fight drop all its own gear is not so clever ;) And you have to arrive the death Body by crossing over the death other bodies witch are blocking you.

i would not recommend using that technique in the middle of a gunfight ;) can confirm the problem with invisible bodies or wrong body position too.. In my case i relogged to the server and after a minute or two the bodies where just popping out of nowhere at there correct positions. But still i needed to be nearly naked to loot them wich is shitty

please fix this OLD OLD bugs...

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Hi nerobp,
please let me assure you that we are aware of this (e.g. #18035). The problem here is quite tricky, but we will do our best to get a fix online soon. However, your patience may be needed.
Thank you,

Hey Andy,
it is moren then this, but also, yes.
The Body also can still lie on the ground, didn't move, and you are also unable to loot.
Sometimes you can see the inventory but can't move anythink.
Sometimes you are able to pick up the weapons (only).
Sometimes you are able to pick up all.
Always the Body (zomies and Player) blocks your way out or inside a house.
Sometimes you get no loot Symbol.

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Are the tab menu or the scroll menu being used?

Tab-menu (if you get the Inventor-symbol at the death bodies).
In the inventory we try "dobble-click", "drag and drop" and "right click - take item"...