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MP-133 inflicts low damage on low range
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I was chasing a guy who had an MP-133, and I with an Firefighter axe, and we got in to a fight. He hit multiple shots in my chest, and ruined my green hoodie, which was the only thing on my upper body that I had currently equipped, but did not inflict much damage at all. I did not start to bleed, pass out, and the loss of blood was not even noticable. This might have been a cause of desync, but I still felt that I had to adress it.


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Put some MP-133 shells in to another player, run around and see what might cause it to not inflict a lot of damage.

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I have an 100/100 MB/s fiber network, and I played on a server located in Sweden, where I live. I did not experience any desync, or much framelag at the time.

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Can someone try this on a willing dummy to rule out the possibility of this being caused by hitbox desync?

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Yeah, I also think the MP-133 is noticeably underpowered. For balance it should be more lethal at close range and less effective at long range (though real shotguns have a far longer ranger than in most video games).

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Hey everyone and thank you for your feedback!
This is quite tricky for us as everything seems to be configured and working correctly on our end. However, we will take a look into this - please refer to #19042 in the future.