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Dropping items whilst in a building, item will disappear.
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ie... if I have a weapon in hand (and on back), I'll need to drop it to eat/drink. Inevitably, the dropped item will disappear. Presumably under the floor. Because sometimes, like in a warehouse, the item may appear outside on the ground. But not always.
I've just learned to move outside before I have to drop an item so that I don't lose that item.


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Steps To Reproduce

First Scenario:
In a house, have rifle on back.
pick up second rifle
attempt to eat or drink
second rifle gets dropped
second rifle disappears

Second Scenario:
In a house wearing a hoodie with items in pockets.
drop hoodie in order to pick up raincoat.
hoodie and items disappear.
sometimes will be found outside on ground.

Additional Information

Sometimes i get lucky and can find item on ground outside. doesn't seem to be in any particular direction from my personal character's perspective. Happens about 80% of the time.
If outside, it doesn't happen. so I assume it is landing on the ground when in a house, but below floorboards and out of reach.

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seems like the items drops below the house or outside it.

andy added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 11:23 AM

Hi carvorticus,
thank you for your report!
We are aware of both the problems (items getting placed at building entrance and second weapon disappearing when removed by hands via an action) and both have been reported before and scheduled for a fix.