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Slow sprint
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Hi , my friend have a big problem , when we play , iam faster than he every time , i don´t know what to do ,it happens all the time, does not help change the server just nothing ...When I running normally, not a sprint, so I'm able to catch up with him, any ideas guys? Thanks for answer.


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He does not have the key mapped correctly he needs to assign the 2xW for the run key. This option gets reset from time to time on updates..

He had previously set sprint button to shift, so we changed it to 2xW, but it did not work, or do I attach a short video?
Oh, and if runs and if so slippery and takes him back, but it just looks that way

andy added a comment.Nov 24 2014, 12:59 PM

Hi 520Pavel,
thank you for your feedback!
The keybinds seem fine. The issue here was most likely caused by the fact that your friend was running with a two-handed weapon in hands, which has slower sprinting animation. Another reason could be desynchronization between the players, please make sure that you are both playing at good network conditions. The "slipping back" seems to indicate that this is the cause.
I am going to close this ticket but please feel free to submit another one if you feel that this was caused by an actual bug in the game itself rather than high latency.
Thanks again,