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[0.51.125504] Shotgun Bug (All Variants)
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In the current 0.51 Exp, all 4 variants of the shotguns have 2 bugs. Please note this is not a rant or general moaning, I genuinely believe this is a bug and not desync, lag, player error e.t.c.

Bug #1 - They are close to non-lethal.

Examples: I shot a player yesterday that was either AFK or Combat-Logging, I was close enough to interact with him/her, about 2m away and yet it took 3 shots to the chest to kill them.
I have also been shot by the MP-133 4 times repeatedly at just 5-10m while being chased and taken very little damage.
There was also a video uploaded by a popular YouTuber yesterday, whereby 2 players in the same room (Top floor room of a pub) fire 4-5 times at each other at just 2-3m hitting chest and head before either one died.

Bug #2 - Even at extreme range, shotguns ruin every single item in a players inventory. Even at ranges where you don't take any health damage, every item, clothing, backpack and all contents is ruined.

Example: Wednesday evening I logged into a server after a restart and the server had rolled me back so I was in the street in Vybor outside the Police station, I immediately saw a player at the Vybor Gas station, he turned towards me and fired 1 shot from the Double Barrel shotgun which hit me. I took virtually no health or blood damage, my statues said Healthy just a few seconds after I had been shot, but every item in my inventory was ruined, excluding my rifle in my hands.
According to DayZ DB map that's a range of 50m, so only 1 maybe 2 pellets could hit me, yet everything was ruined.


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While 'dancing' with a zombie - a player rushed at me and unload the mp-133 baikal shotgun at point blank (no more than 10m in game). I went down with broken leg but managed to 'off' him with mosin. I thought because I was wearing a pristine rider's jacket it had saved my arse, but still...I'm sure Mr counter Strike would been gutted that his tactics were let down so badly by underpowered weapon.

Anyone want to test in real life what sort of protection a leather jacket has at point blank range against a 12-gauge combat shotgun. Thought not...

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket because it's obsolete?

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