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Dealing with the long distance visibility of characters hidden in bushes, shrubs and bushes
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The range of textures details of current environment for the undergrowth, bushes and shrubs that fills the solo game, has a limit, and after this, the textures that cover the soil in such a way, let's say, is simply and without details. How the game may provide the realism if a character who tries to hide from each other, it is this range of visibility without details?


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Steps To Reproduce

1- In the environment, take an point of reference, see the object details and what's next to it and move along
2- Realize that, as goes away, the most distant terrain textures are becoming more blurred and no details
3- If it were a person, animal or zombie that could / wanted to cause some surprise factor, I could not because the object is easily seen without detailed textures

Additional Information

Just bring this issue if a PC can't run "depth of view" with the maximum settings

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andy added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 10:42 AM

Hi Marcelievsky and thank you for your feedback!
This is something that is sadly a result of various functionalities of the engine itself. While we will be looking into this and will try to ensure a better solution, it might take some time - please be patient.
For now, this is considered intended behavior.