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Dropping Secondary Rifle Weapon Disappears
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With Primary AK74 weapon on back and carrying a Secondary Pump Shotgun weapon in hands, if I set Shotgun down to eat or drink, it completely disappears.

If I logout and back on to the same server it will be in the same spot.

If I don't logout and just continue on my journey, any time that I eat or drink I visually see it appear momentarily in my vicinity view, but then it disappears again. No matter how far I have traveled or how many times I stop to eat or drink.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Carry Primary Weapon on back.
  2. Carry Secondary Weapon in hands.
  3. Drop weapon, there's a chance that it will disappear.
  4. If it disappears, eat or drink and look at vicinity view.

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Also disappears when spraypainting. MP133 on back, Mosin in hands, painted the Mosin green. Mosin vanishes.

andy added a comment.Nov 18 2014, 11:55 AM

Hi guys,
thank you for your feedback!
We are currently investigating this, please see #18382.