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103% bacon
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I opened a pristine can of bacon with a fire axe painted green, message said I had dropped some, can showed 103%. Clicking on "eat all" still left 3% in the can.


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I assume opening enough cans will do it, I have not yet tried to reproduce the issue. It seems like the random % of drop calculated from the drop actually boosted it to 103%

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Confirmed, happened to my friend the other day.

lol classic DayZ "103% Bacon"

andy added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 10:13 AM

Hi FuriouS76 and others,
thank you for your feedback!
This is something we have not been able to reproduce on our end, however we have a couple ideas what might have been the cause - we'll keep looking - please feel free to submit a new ticket if you encounter the problem again.