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Swimming places your gear down into the sea. Thus making it irretrievable
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Me and my buds have decided to make a base at one of the islands, why? Because who else is crazy enough to do so! The journey takes a long time, but it works out. The problem I have been seeing is that when carrying any backpack on and weapon. (In my cases a Mosin) It will pop off your back and end up in the bottom of the ocean. I could see them both when I hit the tab button, but I could not place them back onto my back, and when trying to do so with my back it, the loot inside would scatter about outside of the backpack instead.
I would not be surprised if know one knew about this bug, but its a bug none the less that should be fixed. This has happened everytime I go to the island, so much so I decided to go screw it, stay there until the bug is fixed as I am afraid ill lose everything else as well.


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Become fully geared, backpack and all (anykind) Have any weapon placed on your back, preferable a large one like an AK or a Mosin, M4 if you are lucky. Go to the large island north of Electro. (The one you usually pass when trying to get to electro I think its near Kamy?) Swim your way from the shore from the mainland to the island, and watch your backpack and gun (possibly more) plop down to the bottom of the sea. You can do this a few times to see how consistent it is but its so far happened every time ive gone across the island.

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Gear is retrievable - swim to the spot above your gear and you are able to pick up single (or even multiple) items. Swim to the shore and drop those items, swim back to fetch more. Rinse and repeat.

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Same bug as in the arma 2 mod.

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Hi everyone,
this has been scheduled for a fix some time ago, please be patient.
Thank you all for your feedback.

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List of items that drops out of pockets and backpack :

  • Rangefinder
  • Binoculars
  • Primary Weapons (Ak,M4,Mosin..etc)
  • Weapon Magazines
  • Backpack

Hope this helps and good luck finding the issue ;)